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Are Wisdom Teeth Painful In Cockburn

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Are Wisdom Teeth Painful In Cockburn

Jaw pain could be the first indication that your wisdom teeth are hurting. These teeth can be painful and sensitive when pushing through the gums.

Although wisdom tooth pain occasionally goes away on its own, sometimes it requires aggressive home management, hospitalization, or dental surgery. In short, to prevent severe issues, having your wisdom teeth removed is typically the safest option.

Here, we will go over some pain relief methods recommended by our wisdom teeth dentist in Cockburn and their underlying causes.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the 3rd pair of molars, located at the back of your mouth. They pierce your gums as they develop in your jawbone. Although some people lack them, wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth to erupt.

The eruption of these third molars can occur at any time after the age of 17. However, sometimes they might erupt later in life. Wisdom teeth are useless, so getting rid of them is a safe and common treatment.

Are Wisdom Teeth Painful?

You might never experience pain if your wisdom teeth erupt properly and with sufficient room to grow straight. However, if your wisdom teeth emerge and there isn’t enough room in your mouth, they frequently result in excruciating discomfort, swelling, and irritation. The best thing you can do if this describes you is to contact our specialists at Gateways Dental Centre.

What To Do When Your Wisdom Teeth Pains

After calling our wisdom teeth dentist in Cockburn, you can do the following things to relieve mouth pain.

Warmth or cooling

To lessen swelling and pain, place an ice pack or heating pad near your jaw. Your blood flow will be accelerated by the heat, which can ease uncomfortable tension. Apply for 15 minutes at a time, switching between cold and heat. Finish with an ice pack every time.


For many years, people have used turmeric as a spice and a natural cure. Turmeric can potentially be a treatment for toothaches due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. To relieve pain and swell around the tooth, apply powdered turmeric or prepare a paste using turmeric, mustard oil, and salt.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil’s antibacterial properties may help destroy bacteria that grow on teeth. Because of its potency, this oil should never be used directly on your teeth.

The oil can help eliminate germs on your gum line if you dilute it with coconut oil and apply it to your sore gums. Always rinse and spit out any leftover tea tree oil since it should never be consumed.

Clove oil

A common cure for toothaches is cloves. According to some research, the active component of clove oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

You can either buy clove essential oil or boil four to six whole cloves to prepare clove water, which you can use for your sore gums as a massage.

Salt water rinse

The eruption of wisdom teeth provides ideal conditions for bacterial development. A simple salt water rinse is one of the best strategies to lessen oral bacteria. Saltwater destroys dangerous microorganisms.

Do You Need A Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Home remedies may occasionally fail to relieve the discomfort of an impacted wisdom tooth.

A wisdom tooth can be extracted through dental surgery. To relieve the discomfort of surgery, our doctor will inject a local anaesthetic into the affected area. They will exert pressure on the tooth from its socket to remove it.

Before removing the wisdom tooth, the doctor makes minor cuts and may even chop it into smaller pieces. The treatment often takes a few minutes, but it can take up to 20 minutes or longer.

Typically, the gum soreness lasts for about three days after the anaesthetic wears off, although it can occasionally last for up to two weeks.

Is Your Wisdom Teeth Causing Pain?

Though everyone doesn’t require to remove their wisdom teeth, our experts advise routine X-rays and monitoring of wisdom teeth at Gateways Dental Centre.

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