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What You Need To Know About Your Child's First Dental Visit

Parents are often not sure what to expect at their child’s first dentist appointment.
The first dental visit of a child can be quite scary for both the parent and the child, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Gateways Dental Centre, we have developed a fun atmosphere where children feel comfortable coming back over and over again! We take time to get to know each patient on an individual level, so they are not afraid of us when they come in for treatment. 


The purpose of your child’s first dental visit is to make your child feel at ease with the dentist and to have them examined. The first dental appointment is recommended to take place by twelve months of age, or within 6 months of the first tooth emerging. The initial appointment typically lasts thirty to forty-five minutes.

The Benefits of Early Dental Visit

Tooth decay is a major concern for young children‘s teeth. Early dental appointments improve the likelihood of detecting developing dental problems, which can help to improve their oral health and maintain healthy teeth in the future. Moreover, your child may also need preventative treatments, such as sealants or additional fluoride applications, to protect his or her teeth if they have a greater risk of dental decay. We may be able to detect early biting problems as the child develops.
Children, especially when visiting new areas, need to feel protected and secure. Early dental appointments increase your child’s likelihood of seeing the dentist regularly. Our dentist at Gateways Dental Centre has experience with young children, which can be greatly beneficial.
It is important to protect primary teeth so that they can function properly as guides for incoming permanent teeth. Our practice can monitor and treat decay as well as provide measures to protect teeth (especially in children at high risk) through topical fluoride treatments or fissure sealants.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Kids First Dental Vist

Schedule appointments in the morning if possible, so that young kids are attentive and fresh.

Prepare your child for the visit by telling them what to expect. Explain briefly why it is essential to visit the dentist. Raising excitement and understanding.

Address your questions and concerns to the dentist. Keep in mind that your attitude toward dental visits may differ greatly from that of your child. Be open and honest about your feelings about the dentist. If you have dental phobias, be careful not to pass them on to your child. Parents should provide moral support by remaining calm in the dentist’s exam room. Kids can pick up on their parents’ anxiety and become anxious too.

At the first visit, provide the dentist with your child’s complete medical history. A dentist should know if your child is stubborn, defiant, anxious, or fearful in other situations before performing procedures, such as dental cleaning, filling a cavity or extracting a tooth.

Observe how your child reacts. It is common for parents to guess how their child will react, and they should tell the dentist.

Depending on your child’s age, the appointment may include a thorough oral examination of the teeth, jaws, bite, gums, and oral tissues to assess growth and development. If necessary, your child may be given a gentle professional cleaning. Cleaning the teeth and eliminating plaque, tartar, and stains are all part of the procedure.

The dentist may demonstrate to you and your child proper home cleaning techniques, including flossing, as well as advise you on the importance of fluoride treatment. Because baby teeth fall off, X-rays are rarely performed. However, depending on your child’s age, your child’s dentist may advise X-rays to diagnose decay.

The dentist may discuss the following concerns:

  • Good oral hygiene habits.
  • Decay or cavity prevention.
  • Importance of fluoride applications.
  • Common oral habits including thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and lip sucking.
  • Teething
  • Proper nutrition
  • Developmental milestone

When choosing a dentist and dental clinic for your child, it is important to consider several factors, such as the location, the ambiance of the office, available dental services, and the expertise of the dentist.

You can talk to other parents to get an idea of what the reviews are for the services the clinic provides. Visiting the dental clinic can also give you an expectation of the facility, familiarise yourself with the tools, and allow you to ask related questions to the dental team.

At Gateways Dental Centre, our dental professionals and friendly staff have experience in handling children’s dentistry. We are also updated with the latest information about the dental techniques that can be put to better use in kids so they can achieve a healthy smile.

Tooth decay is the most prevalent childhood oral problem, so scheduling your child’s first dentist visit early is critical for preventing cavities and other oral issues. Taking your child to the dentist at a young age will also help them become familiar with the concept of caring for their teeth and gums.

Dentists generally recommend that infants be seen by the age of one or within six months of developing their first tooth.

Taking your kids to their first dentist appointment at a young age will help them develop healthy habits. It will also guarantee that they have healthy teeth and gums, which will allow them to chew and speak properly.

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