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Family Friendly Dentist in Cockburn

Gateways Dental Centre is a West Australian, family-owned and operated dental clinic who have been providing the greater Cockburn Community with excellent dental services since 1998. 

Helping The Cockburn Community Smile Brighter Since 1998

Gateways Dental Centre is committed to the lifetime care of your oral health. Our focus on prevention and education provides patients with the knowledge to properly care for their teeth and gums, serving our patients into the future. Patients will find state-of-the-art technology throughout the surgery that allows us to deliver optimum care in a modern and comfortable environment.

You can trust that we’ll always be here when you need us most, providing exceptional dental services at affordable prices. We are happy to welcome new patients who are looking for an experienced team they can rely on! Come see what makes Gateways Dental Centre so special today!

Our Dental Services at Gateways Dental Centre

We offer a variety of dental services in one location, from checkups and cleanings all the way to cosmetic procedures. We’re committed not only provide quality care but also convenience for our patients!

Meet Your Gateways Dental Centre Dental Team

We are committed to providing the best dental care possible. Our team of dentists in Cockburn & Success is dedicated to improving your oral health and helping you maintain a beautiful smile.

We offer general, cosmetic, and emergency dental services that will help you achieve optimal oral health.

You can trust our experienced team at Gateways Dental Centre with all your dental needs! Whether it’s an emergency or something more complex like implants, we have the skills and expertise to provide exceptional service for each patient who walks through our doors. Come see us today we are conveniently located next to Cockburn Gateway.

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5 Reasons to Choose Gateways Dental Centre

Gateways Dental Centre is committed to providing the highest standard of care for all patients.

We have a state-of-the art facility and offer services tailored specifically for you, which will ensure that your visit with us goes as smoothly and efficiently possible! Here are  a few reasons to choose us:

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

A general dentist and a dental hygienist can both perform dental scaling and cleaning. They begin with an assessment of your entire mouth before beginning the cleaning process.

Cleaning and scaling your teeth provides several benefits for your teeth and overall oral health. It is recommended to visit a dentist twice a year to have them cleaned professionally by your dentist. Common signs that you need to scale and clean include the following:

  • Plaque or calculus/tartar on your teeth that won’t come off with brushing and flossing
  • You want to take preventive measures to keep your teeth healthy.
  • You have stained teeth due to cigarette smoke.
  • Symptoms of jaw joint pain (temporomandibular joint).
  • You stain your teeth after drinking coffee, tea, or red wine.

People with healthy teeth and gums usually require a scale and clean every six months. However, if you’ve had gum disease in the past, your appointments should be spaced three to four months apart.

It is important that our patients understand what to expect during their scale and cleaning appointment so they are fully aware of the procedure and are not surprised once they arrive at our office.

Regular preventative dental examinations and cleanings are beneficial for detecting problems before they lead to serious complications. Your dentist will examine your teeth for decay, the health of your gums, your jaw movement, any swelling, your bite, and your medical history. The process of scaling and cleaning may vary depending on the dental clinic and dentist. It may include but is not limited to the following:

  • X-rays should be taken to see if there is any deterioration behind the gum line or between the teeth.
  • Look for symptoms of gum disease or inflammation in the gums and bone around the teeth.
  • Examine any existing fillings, crowns, or extraction sites.
  • Remove any plaque that has accumulated below and above the gum line. (When rushing, it is possible to overlook difficult-to-reach areas that must be removed using specific dental devices.)
  • The dentist will polish your teeth to remove stains and plaque.
  • Following the cleaning, the dentist will give oral hygiene advice such as correct brushing and recommend certain oral hygiene products.

A fluoride treatment can help to protect your teeth from decay by restoring the surface enamel of your teeth. It can also fight bacteria that may harm your teeth and gums. The dental professional may recommend fluoride treatment if they determine you are at high risk of developing cavities.

A basic dental check-up with a scale and clean treatment normally costs between $200 and $275 per session, depending on your dental needs and the severity of plaque build-up. We can discuss with you the average cost of your treatment.

Avoiding a scale and clean appointment means you’ll have much more buildup over time, which can result in further complications that require more invasive procedures. Untreated tartar and plaque may lead to the following:

  • Early stage of gum disease or gingivitis.
  • Periodontal disease or the advanced type of gum disease.
  • Bad breath or halitosis
  • Gum recession
  • Teeth discolouration that may need teeth whitening to eliminate hard stains.

Skipping professional cleaning can put your overall health at risk.

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