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Offers for New & Existing Patients

Welcome to our practice! Come meet with us and experience the difference. We offer a special deal that is good for new clients as well as existing ones, regardless whether you have private health insurance or not- come visit us today at Gateways Dental Centre

Smile Makeover Offer 6 Veneers* Starting from $1,800

Our smile makeover offer is perfect for those who want their teeth to look whiter, straighter and brighter. If you go in with any of these problems, we can fix them!

With *6 composite veneers starting at just $1800, our team will have your new pearly whites looking great!


Dental Implants Starting From $3,500

You deserve to have the perfect smile, and we can help you get there. With our dental implants offer starting from $3,500 – it’s never too late to smile again. Book an appointment to claim our Dental implants offer.

Teeth Whitening Offer: Zoom, In-Chair, and Take Home Kits

You can have that white smile with our teeth whitening offer. Zoom Teeth Whitening and In-chair are available in the office while take home kits make it easy for you to get started on your journey towards a brighter smile!


Meet Your Gateways Dental Centre Dental Team

We are committed to providing the best dental care possible. Our team of dentists in Cockburn & Success is dedicated to improving your oral health and helping you maintain a beautiful smile. Talk to our caring team today at 0481 609 480

You can trust our experienced team at Gateways Dental Centre with all your dental needs! Whether it’s an emergency or something more complex like implants, we have the skills and expertise to provide exceptional service for each patient who walks through our doors. Come see us today we are conveniently located next to Cockburn Gateway.


Take the first steps toward your

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